Sega Dreamcast Console Box


Faithful reproduction of the Sega Dreamcast Console Box without inner cartons, made of sturdy 1.4 mm thick double wave cardboard. This box is shipped disassembled. Easy assembly: cut, fold and paste. VAT included.

Delivery before day 05/03/2024
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Faithful reproduction of the Sega Dreamcast Console Box, made of sturdy 1.4 mm thick double-wave cardboard. This box is shipped disassembled. Easy assembly: cut, fold, and paste. VAT included.

This box is shipped disassembled to facilitate shipping and protect it from possible damage.

Sega Dreamcast Console packaging perfect for your console.

The assembly is simple and can be done by anyone:

- Cut the outline of the template

- Fold through the right areas

- Paste in the area indicated in the template.

When you finish you will get a box identical to the original but more resistant.

Sega Dreamcast Console box

Packaging of the Sega Dreamcast Console to store your retro console as if you had just bought it.

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Paperboard used cardboard type

The box is made of sturdy 1.4 mm cardboard with 1 wave cardboard core, like the original. Its surface allows high resolution printing and great definition in its colors.


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Do you remember?
The Sega Dreamcast console is the 6th and final Sega video game console that was created between Hitachi and Microsoft, successor to Sega Saturn and was released to the market to gain ground on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

It was put on sale in 1998 in Japan and in 1999 in the rest of the territories. It finished its production in 2001 although it was in 2007 when the last official game “Karous” was released.

The Dreamcast was the first to include a modem to support online gaming and surfing the Internet.

This video game system was designed to recover the lost market to Sony’s PlayStation and thus regain its lost reputation with Sega Saturn, but the opposite happened after the Sony PlayStation 2’s anticipated announcement in April 1999. For this reason, its sales plummeted.

It had a large number of accessories:

Standard knob
Visual Memory Unit
Arcade Stick
Dial up modem
Broadband adapter or BBA
Dreamcast Gun
Dance carpet
DreamEye camera
Vibration Pack
Dreamcast Developement Kit Katana
Race Controller

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